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How To Make Wine Cork Letters

Most people throw away their wine bottle corks once they finish the bottle. However, if you save up a few dozen of them, you can use them to make a a decorative letter to place in your home. If you’re interesting in giving this project a shot, keep reading and I’ll explain the exact steps necessary to make a decorative cork letter. 

Source: Uploaded by user via Teri on Pinterest


I came across this idea while scouring the internet trying to find arts and craft ideas for used wine bottles and corks. Compared to all the other crafts, this is by far the most decorative and ingenious use I’ve seen for wine corks. Plus, it’s super-easy and requires no special skills or expensive equipment to make. Here’s how you can make one:

Items You’ll Need

As you can see from the picture above, you wont need very many items in order to make a wine cork letter. Depending on which letter you’re making, and how large you want it, you’ll need about 100 or so wine corks. In addition, you’ll also need to purchase a hot glue gun with some glue sticks to use and a wooden letter of your choice, all of which can be purchased from an arts and crafts store.

Steps To Make One

Frist, lay your wooden letter down on a table or flat surface. Now, place the wine corks face up across the letter to ensure they all fit and will cover the entire letter. If they do, then you should take them back off and start gluing them together one by one. Start in one corner of the letter and make your way upwards. Take your time and firmly press the corks together so they will hold. Once you’re completed, give it at least an hour to dry before lifting it up.

Other Tips To Remember When Making Your Letters

  • If you don’t have enough wine corks to make a complete letter, you can purchase extras at most arts and craft stores.
  • Once you have some experience in making them, experiment by placing the corks at different angles.
  • Don’t limit yourself to only making letters which are your initials. Instead, create letters which form words. You can then place them on your mantle over the fireplace.
  • Try making symbols, such as the “&” sign.
  • Some letters can be produced without using a wooden letter backing.

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