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How Long Does Wine Last After Opening It?

There’s nothing like popping open a bottle of your favorite wine. That first taste is like an explosion of memorable flavors in your mouth. However, unless you have friends or family around, you might find it difficult to finish an entire bottle by yourself. If this is the case, you’re probably wondering how long a bottle of wine lasts after opening it. 


Why Does Wine Goes Bad After Opening?

Like most other beverages, wine typically goes bad after it’s opened for a given amount of time. The reason for this is because once the cork is popped, oxygen begins to immediately cause chemical reactions with the alcohol inside the bottle. While small amounts of oxygen wont cause any significant change to the flavor or aroma, large amounts will alter it to the point where it’s no longer enjoyable to drink.

How Long Will It Last?

After popping the cork on your favorite wine bottle, you can expect both white and red wines to last about 2 days tops in the refrigerator, while Champagne and sparkling wine will only last about 24 hours. Full-bodied wine can last slightly longer with an average of 4 days. You should be able to taste when it’s going bad, as the flavor will resemble stale cheese (not too pleasant!).

How To Store Wine For Longer

It should go without saying that you can store your wine for a longer period of time after opening if you place it in the refrigerator. When wine is cooled, the oxygen and chemical reactions it produced are slowed, giving you more time to finish that bottle of wine.

Another little trick that can help you store your wine for longer is to suck the oxygen out of the bottle using a vacuum pump and place an airtight cap over it. These oxygen-sucking devices are sold at many wineries and liquor stores. You simply stick it in the bottle, pump out the oxygen, and place the cap back on the bottle. Don’t use the original cork, but instead use a plastic bottle cap that’s intended for re-bottling wine.

Drink Your Wine Quickly!

If you’re unable to finish a bottle of wine, don’t allow it to sit and spoil in your refrigerator. Call up some of your friends or family members to come over the next day and enjoy the rest of the bottle. It’s all-too common for individuals to store their opened wine in the refrigerator just to throw it out a week later.

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